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Codemotion is a multi-channel platform for developers and IT professionals.
We are open to all languages and technologies and our aim is to support developers’ professional growth by offering quality, cutting-edge content.

We believe in innovation, knowledge sharing and passion, the same values that developers convey in their code every day.

> What we’re looking for

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What we’re looking for 

Tech articles

Let’s get our hands dirty! Share your article idea with code examples or personal experiences and help other devs tackle big problems in a practical way.

Code snippets

Are you a wizard with a particular language? Share your code and make dev’s lives easier worldwide. We will publish them in our Magazine and on our social media channels.

Book review

Share a book you love that can be useful for other developers such as yourself. We will add it to our Book Club section in our Magazine and discuss it at our Dev Book Club meetings!

What we are looking for:

Valuable content with a strong voice, supported with convincing arguments and not just opinions

Original content that will inspire our readership. It will be shared for the first time ever!

Original content that will inspire our readership. It will be shared for the first time ever!

What we are not looking for:

Sales pitches

Press releases

Commercially-driven content that won’t benefit our community

Some examples of the type of content we provide our readers with:


Latest research on cutting-edge technologies


Hands-on knowledge and best practices


Case studies


Inspiring ideas on how technology is shaping the future

Why become a codemotion contributor

Becoming a Codemotion Contributor is a rewarding experience.

We are looking for tech professionals with a strong drive to offer our international developer community quality content, sharing relevant updates on the hottest trends, and, most importantly, valuing the importance of giving back to the community.

Community visibility

Your content will be promoted amongst our network of 200+ tech communities


Our editorial team will review your contribution, making sure it’s spotless and ready to be published. (Both technically and formally – English spell-checker)


You will be invited to Codemotion networking events taking place in your country


Establish yourself as an expert. Your work will reach an international audience of developers and thousands of your peers will have access to it

Shared knowledge

Your contributions will genuinely help developers worldwide. Create real connections! 


Once your content is accepted, you can get free online tickets for our conferences.


Start giving your first contribution, incriase your personal experience and that of others