Codemotion turned 10!

In these 10 years, the developers have been the beating heart of Codemotion.

By enjoying this important company milestone, we want to celebrate the passion we put to foster innovation by supporting developers professional growth.

We give a look back on what happened and give a taste of how we see the future of technology in the next 10 years.

The 10 things that have revolutionized the work of coders in the past 10 years

Programming languages have evolved a lot in the last 70 years, from creating some of the most challenging programs in assembly language to the most user-friendly python programs. Here are some of the most important changes in technology in the past decade that have changed the world of coding forever.

Cloud services

Open source

Agile & DevOps

Ai & Machine Learning


Smartphones & mobile apps


 Blockchain & crypto values


API-first development

How Codemotion supported devs and companies in the tech evolution?

10 years of Codemotion: a decade coding the future, together! For the past decade, Codemotion has been providing developers with cutting edge content and insights to help them stay ahead of the rapidly evolving landscape of software development. From inspiring keynotes delivered by industry professionals, to hands-on workshops and highly engaging panel discussions, our activities always focused on helping developers enhance their skill set while staying current in the tech world.

This year marks a special milestone for us as we celebrate 10 years of powering up your development career! We invite you to join us as we look back at 10 ways in which we accompanied developers in the ever evolving world of tech with one thing in mind: looking at the future.

Pioneering in inclusion and diversity in tech

Embracing diversity means recognizing that each individual brings a unique set of experiences, perspectives, and talents to the table, enriching the collective whole. Inclusion, on the other hand, involves creating an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their best. By fostering diversity and inclusion, we foster innovation, creativity, and a sense of belonging, ultimately building stronger, more resilient communities and organizations.

This is one of our most important credo we want to fight for. The gender gap in tech is still one of the most significant issues in the market (only 18% of devs are female). Our contribution is made of projects like Coding Wonder Women, GirlsCodeUp or Next Gen Project, with which we support young female students to fall in love with coding!

Promoting DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile are two interconnected methodologies that have transformed the software development and delivery processes. Agile methodology focuses on iterative development, emphasizing collaboration, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. It promotes the idea of breaking down projects into smaller, manageable tasks called sprints, allowing for continuous feedback and improvement. DevOps, on the other hand, is a cultural and technical approach that bridges the gap between development and operations teams. It aims to streamline the software development lifecycle by integrating processes, tools, and automation, ultimately enabling faster and more reliable software delivery. DevOps emphasizes collaboration, communication, and shared responsibility, fostering a culture of continuous integration, delivery, and monitoring. Together, Agile and DevOps create a powerful synergy, as Agile methodologies provide the framework for iterative development, while DevOps practices enable seamless collaboration, faster deployment, and improved feedback loops. This combination enables organizations to respond quickly to market demands, deliver high-quality software, and continuously improve their products based on user feedback.

We have been at the forefront of talking about these topics, which provide devs with a framework for delivering high-quality software products more efficiently and effectively. They have a special place in our talks and conferences!

Bringing kids closer to the code

We believe that coding must be part of the school system, from the early stages. By introducing coding at a young age, children develop essential problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity. It fosters their logical reasoning and encourages them to approach challenges with a structured mindset. Moreover, coding nurtures resilience and perseverance as children learn to debug and fix errors in their programs. With the increasing relevance of technology in our lives, giving kids the opportunity to engage with code equips them with valuable tools for the future. Whether they choose to pursue careers in tech or not, coding empowers children to become active participants in a digital world, enabling them to create, innovate, and shape their futures, and not being only passive users. Codemotion Kids has also pioneered in understanding the need of educating the future generations into software development. An invaluable tool for their future!

+70k young devs | +150 educative projects

Helping developers reach to the cloud!

The cloud has revolutionized the way businesses operate and individuals access and manage data. Its importance lies in its ability to provide scalable and flexible computing resources, on-demand, to meet the growing needs of organizations. Cloud services offer a range of benefits: cost savings by eliminating the need for upfront hardware investments, improved data security through robust infrastructure and encryption measures, and increased accessibility as data and applications can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud also facilitates collaboration and enables seamless integration with other services, fostering innovation and agility. The cloud’s importance cannot be overstated, as it empowers businesses and individuals with the tools and capabilities needed to thrive in the digital age.

The usage of cloud services has become indispensable for developers in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. By harnessing the power of the cloud, developers can focus on innovation and delivering value to their users without worrying about infrastructure management and scalability challenges.

That’s why this topic has been one we have invested so much time in supporting the developers of our community!

Discussing ethics in programming

Programmers have a responsibility to consider the ethical implications of their code and the impact it may have on individuals, society, and the environment. They must strive to create software that respects user privacy, maintains data security, and promotes inclusivity and accessibility. Ethical programming also involves avoiding biases and discrimination in algorithms, ensuring fairness and equity in decision-making processes. By prioritizing ethics in programming, developers can contribute to the creation of responsible and trustworthy technology that enhances the well-being of users and respects the broader societal values.

Before it was mainstream, we have always fueled the discussion around the ethics of artificial intelligence. Now it’s time to make it real!

Fostering Developer Experience

Developer Experience is a concept that focuses on enhancing the overall experience of developers during the software development process. It encompasses the tools, practices, and environments that developers interact with to create software efficiently and effectively. DevX emphasizes providing developers with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, robust development frameworks, and comprehensive documentation. It also promotes collaboration, enabling seamless integration with version control systems, continuous integration and deployment pipelines, and other development tools. DevX recognizes the importance of reducing friction and streamlining workflows to boost productivity and satisfaction among developers. By prioritizing DevX, organizations can attract and retain top talent, foster innovation, and deliver high-quality software products in a more efficient and enjoyable manner. From day one, we wanted to promote DevX, helping companies understand why it’s key to have happier developers in their ranks. We want your voice to be heard!

Surfing the pandemic together with our community

When COVID-19 hit, we just closed an investment round of 6 million euros. The plan was to develop an online platform in 18 months to be closer with our community, staying together online, and not only during our physical events. And the pandemic could have been an enormous issue for our business and all our plans to support all the devs that put trust in us. So, we quickly shifted our focus online by creating content and events that could be accessed remotely by developers around the world. It has been possible only thanks to the help of our community of devs, who supported us in creating the platform that perfectly reflected their needs of professional growth. As organizers of physical events, we risked closing our activities forever; instead, we did our best to develop in three months what has an 18-month plan, and it has been possible only thanks to the endless support of our community who helped us in every step. And we have repaid the developers by always staying together.

Online activities during the pandemic: 300 tech meetups, 12 conferences, 9 hackathons

Making tech hiring easier in a world in need of digitization

We were the first to understand the need of developers and companies to grow together. The current job market for developers is highly favorable, with a strong demand for skilled professionals in various domains of software development. As technology continues to advance and organizations increasingly rely on digital solutions, the need for talented developers has significantly grown. Startups, tech companies, and even traditional industries are actively seeking developers to drive innovation and digital transformation. Overall, the job market for developers is robust and offers promising career prospects for those with the right skills and expertise. The real problems today are linked to the difficulties of developers to survive to the infinite job opportunities they receive, often through traditional channels that don’t respond to their needs. On the other hand, companies, in need to find developers to be successful in the digital transformation era, have great issues in such a competitive field.
With that in mind, we developed the Talent platform, a matchmaking platform, based on a machine learning algorithm with transparency and developer experience as driving forces.
Numbers: +5k devs registered!

Understanding the boom of AI

The boom of artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years. AI has rapidly transformed various industries and sectors, revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact with technology. With its ability to process vast amounts of data, AI enables machines to learn, reason, and make informed decisions autonomously. It has found applications in areas such as healthcare, finance, transportation, and customer service, among others. AI-powered systems have the potential to improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, leading to cost savings and enhanced user experiences. However, the boom of AI also raises important considerations such as ethical implications, data privacy, and potential job displacement. It is crucial to approach the development and deployment of AI technologies with responsible practices, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability. As the boom of AI continues, it holds great promise for further advancements, innovation, and positive impact on society. As AI continues to grow exponentially, we want to accompany devs into understanding this thrilling new tool and how it can help them grow thanks to dedicated events, articles and talks

Going green with software development

Green coding, also known as eco-friendly coding or sustainable programming, is an emerging practice aimed at reducing the environmental impact of software development. It involves adopting coding practices that prioritize energy efficiency and minimize resource consumption. Green coding focuses on optimizing algorithms, reducing computational complexity, and minimizing power usage during runtime. By writing efficient code, developers can decrease the energy consumption of software applications, leading to lower carbon footprints and reduced electricity costs. Green coding also promotes the use of renewable energy sources in data centers and encourages the adoption of energy-efficient hardware. Additionally, it emphasizes proper resource management, such as minimizing network traffic, optimizing data storage, and recycling or reusing code components. Through green coding practices, developers can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly technology landscape. 

Discover Codemotion and be part of the next tech generation

We are a community-based platform, the reference point both for our +250K developers and hundreds of companies who want to connect with IT professionals.

What's the next 10 years of technology?

We asked our experts in Codemotion

The next ten years will bring significant changes to the software industry in terms of technologies, values, and other social issues. The role of developer has to be more and more sustainable becoming the driving force of the next decade.
Many topics like AI, remote working or energy consumption are all related to issues we, as community and devs as well for their work, will face.
Challenges like these are strictly related to the building of a sustainable future!

Chiara Russo

CEO and Co-Founder

Just software engineers will survive the AI. The DIY 6 months developers indeed do not.
AI cannot take the place of a software engineer who is the real one able to keep on writing good coding to create and control new technologies.
My advice to those wanting to start this fantastic job is to study, be updated and trained, to invent what does not yet exist.
Just Remember: coding is in the middle between art and science.

Andrea Ferlito


In the next ten years, software development, as we know it now, will be prehistory. In the future, developers will finally become the absolute protagonists of the software, aided by ever more powerful tools thanks to the integration of AI. Future IT professionals must have soft skills, ethical principles and the ability to have an overview. The history of software development has gone through many phases, such as hardware, software, the web, data, the IoT, and the cloud…finally, the stage is coming where we will be the protagonists. It will begin a new and wonderful adventure for those who write code!

Mara Marzocchi


How do you see the future of technology?

We have asked our community of developers, tech influencers, CTO and CEO.
Take part in the conversation by using #Codemotion10

How we fostered innovation in these 10 years

DEVELOPERS in the community

COMPANIES partnered

content produced

Projects delivered

Young involved in edtech projects

In the past 10 years, our contribution to foster innovation among developers and companies can be summed up into several keywords: hackathons and coding challenges, tech conferences, events to connect HR and developers and many content to supports the growth of the whole tech ecosystem.
Here are some examples of our projects:

We want to revolutionize the way to hire IT professionals. We know how painful it is for companies to hire developers and for the tech to find their dream job, that’s why we have created #CodemotionTalent, the platform that finds the perfect match between tech and companies.

One of our missions is to connect companies with the community of devs to engage them in the company culture, activities, technologies etc. We have created a long term plan with several communication activities and branded content to help our partners positioning as tech companies, able to attract developers.

Promoting the best technology is in our interest to make developers work better and always learn the new trends on this essential topic. We have supported many important tech companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft.

We partner many companies to make young generations closer to STEM subjects and the tech opportunities. We have trained to coding hundreds of students and in particular female students.
Among the brands we partnered with CSR activities: AXA, Amazon, Bending Spoon, Philip Morris Italia, IGT, Tim.

The Codemotion Tech Conference is where everything began. We have gathered thousands of developers across EMEA to talk about the latest technologies trends, made people met and let them grow professionally. We are still known to be the reference point in this sector.

What’s the best way for developers to test their creativity and knowledge in terms of coding? We developed many hackathons to support companies that wanted to generate new ideas through technology. We have partnered many companies and also institutional or governmental organizations, like Banca D’Italia, Team Digitale, Angelini Farmaceutica, Tim Wcap, Cisco and many others.

We are a link between devs and HRs. We speak the dev language, and we know their needs, that’s why we have created HRmeetsDev, an event to let them meet and discuss the difficulties in hiring and retaining a so requested professionals in the companies.

Our motto is we support developers’ professional growth. What happened when these professionals become CTOs? We have created the CTO meeting event, to let them meet, discuss about the most common issues and be inspired by those who have already be in their shoes.

How have the Codemotion people contributed to this tech evolution?

Michela Bertaina

Community Program Manager

I am new to Codemotion, but I like the possibility of growing so fast. In 5 months, I have done so many things, and it’s super interesting for me.
I like that Codemotion will be the reference point for developers in Europe.

Viviana Cristini

Former Head of Digital Sales

My experience was intense and I left a piece of my heart there. The friends I have made, and the work environment has always been great, and I have been able to make friends for life.

Kabiria Mancuso

Former Head of CSR

Working in Codemotion was a very educational and challenging experience. I learned a lot, met important stakeholders, created a strong network of companies and contacts, grew professionally and managed to bring the acquired value into the new company where I work now.
I am sure, Codemotion will become the reference point for companies looking for developers. Take the leap you deserve.

Jonatan Sanchez

Account Executive Spain

My vision is that developers will still be the center of everything we do in Codemotion, this means building the biggest dev community globally. At the same time, I believe that we are following a very organic path to become a more technological company ourselves to serve better our tech community and the companies that support our mission. This means we have the opportunity to become one of the coolest SaaS companies of the world, so stay tuned!

Valentina Santinato

Head of Administration and Control

The experience is still exciting and always rewarding. In Codemotion, you always have the chance to improve and change things and be part of a challenging project.
For the future, I imagine Codemotion in the USA and all of us being proud to have been part of its success.

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