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In Codemotion, we constantly work on innovation as one of the essential things of our day-by-day job. Our support to the community of developers is our contribution to the world in bringing innovation. We believe developers can shape the future through their work, and every day we are engaged in helping them in their professional growth by creating the best environment for their learning, updating and networking.
Find out in this section all the information about Codemotion, the way we work and live the company.

You will fall in love with us and be eager to join our team!


The Team

Codemotion was founded by Chiara Russo, the CEO, and Mara Marzocchi, developers advisor. The team grew dramatically in the past years, and today we count on +50 people with several expertises:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Tech
  • Project management
Cosa Facciamo
Cosa Facciamo

A flexible organization

Codemotion organization is really flat. Even if we are no longer a startup, we work in a flexible way and roles are liquid. It means we don’t look at the job titles, but we involve everyone in the company who can give its precious contribution to achieve the company’s goals.

Our way of working is based on OKR methodology: there are 3 months cycle objectives that enable the higher company goals. For each objective defined, there is a dedicated cross-functional team, with an owner and contributors, who work as a team to achieve the key results.


We have offices in Rome (HQ) and Milan.
In Rome, we are at the heart of the city, inside the Termini train station, in the fabulous co-working spaces in The Hub of LVenture, with a dedicated area for the Codemotion team.
In Milan we are in the Copernico co-working spaces, close to Stazione Centrale.

By the way we have always promoted remote working, also before pandemic, as a standard way of working

Team Codemotion
Cosa Facciamo

Happy People

We are happy Codemotioners because:

  • 80% of our people has a permanent contract
  • 100% of the traineeships turned into a regular job
  • Benefits: pc, smartphone, ticket restaurant, remote working and many other benefits
  • No dress code. We believe that anyone can express itself by wearing what he/she feels better
  • We love to have fun together: internal events and informal events among colleagues based on our passions (padel, karaoke, music 🙂 )


Our commitment to society

Diversity & Inclusion. We are 50% men and 50% women. We believe diversity is a value, which can contribute to have more ideas, point of views and creativity.

Youth & STEM. We are committed to make coding familiar to the youth and especially to the girls. We have several projects to sustain young generations in approaching technology and have another choice for their future. 

Women entrepreneurship and empowerment. Our CEO, as a mother and entrepreneur, is really engaged and interested in the topic of women empowerment. She often speaks at event or give interviews to talk about this important topic that could have great impact on the society. 

Team Codemotion