Who we are

Who Codemotion is

Codemotion is the reference platform that creates the right connections between IT professionals, technology communities and companies.

On the one hand, it supports developers in their professional growth by allowing the community of over 200,000 IT professionals to share technology trends and best practices worldwide; on the other hand, it helps companies to evolve and become more attractive to developers themselves, to involve them in marketing activities, selection of tech profiles and innovation projects.

Codemotion is a community that focuses on developers and enables networking: it does so by talking about coding and design, but also about emotions and relationships with others, communication and empathy, with the aim of always enhancing a community moving and looking to the future.


We believe that everyone can build a better future through technology.


We promote innovation through the growth of the highest impact tech community.


We are one team.

We achieve great results, together.

We love developers.

Developers create the future and we are proud to support their journey.

We think big.

Our goals require vision, ambition and action.

We are responsible.

We embrace challenges and are accountable for our actions.

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Codemotion’s story

Mara e Chiara

The idea of ​​Codemotion was born from the love for technology of the two co-founders: Chiara Russo (current CEO) and Mara Marzocchi (Co-founder / Developer Advisor). In 2006 Chiara and Mara organize a tech event in Rome: the JavaDay. In 2011 JavaDay becomes Codemotion, a tech conference open to all technologies and any programming language.

A passion that soon materializes, becoming a startup: in 2013 the startup Codemotion was officially founded.

The strength of Codemotion lies precisely in the direct knowledge of the developers and their needs, in speaking “their language” as well as in the possibility of making quality, highly technical content available to the community constantly updated and shared by the entire network.



From hobby to startup! In 2013 the Codemotion company was officially founded. Mara and Chiara can work full time on her growth.


The developer community is growing every year and in 2017 Codemotion closes a € 1.5 million investment round to offer better experiences for developers.


Codemotion closes the 6 million euro round. P101, Primomiglio and CDP Venture Capital SGR, participated in the capital increase of Codemotion, aimed at giving further impetus to the already underway development of its platform.


Codemotion goes completely online. It strengthens its management with the entry of leading figures. Consolidate its new value proposition aimed at companies that need to hire developers.

From events to the leading platform: Codemotion evolution

With the aim of enabling dialogue, networking and community growth from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, Codemotion was born as an organizer of events, coding challenges, learning activities and conferences for developers designed precisely to offer developers opportunities. of comparison and in-depth analysis on topics related to technologies.

Over the years Codemotion has evolved: in 2019 it launched its online platform to intensify the relationship with developers and support the community on a daily basis and not only during live events.

In addition to being the reference point for developers, Codemotion has also become a support for companies both to promote their technologies to community members, as well as to hire developers and train technical teams.

The bridge between companies and developers to bridge the gap in the IT world

Codemotion Developper

Codemotion acts as a real bridge between developers and companies, with the aim of bringing two so distant worlds closer together and supporting both in the selection phase, bridging the gap between job supply and demand in the IT world, from the phase attraction to recruiting.

In Europe there are 5.8 million developers who can support companies in digitization, but only 13% of them are actively looking for work. On the other hand, there are more than 1 million vacancies in the tech sector, also considering that companies in the last two years, following the outbreak of the pandemic, have accelerated the processes of digitization.

To this gap between supply and demand is added the difficulty for companies to get in touch with IT professionals, with whom traditional attraction and hiring systems risk not being successful.

Support to the companies for the Employee lifecycle.


Working with companies goes beyond researching developers. Thanks to decades of experience and the community built over time, Codemotion offers itself as the ideal partner for companies that intend to evolve and that have Employer Branding and Product Adoption objectives, supporting them throughout the employee’s entire life cycle, covering 4 phases out of 6: attraction, recruitment, development and retention (see figure).

In this way, Codemotion guides the company to become the best place a developer would like to go to work and then connects it with the developer community. The process continues over time, through refresher courses and the introduction of platforms for the continuous professional training of the team.

Codemotion’s commitment to the new generations

Codemotion has always been committed to the new generations and to break down gender stereotypes.

With its credo “Planning the future, together”, Codemotion is committed every day to technological education and to the elimination of gender barriers, creating courses for introducing digital technologies and creating moments of encounter on highly topical issues, such as Diversity & Inclusion.

Reducing the gender gap and bringing young people closer to technology and STEM issues – starting from the experience of the co-founders, Codemotion is constantly working to reduce the gender gap in the technological field. In Italy, as in the rest of Europe, the percentage of female participation in the digital economy is still very low: in the EU only 18% of ICT specialists are women and in Italy the percentage drops to 14.8%.

Yet, according to a survey conducted by Codemotion and Logitech, 56.86% of respondents believe that having more women on tech teams would help the country’s technological development.

Through the community, networking events, workshops and professional opportunities made available, but also and above all through CSR activities with companies, Codemotion supports women and helps them to enter the world of technology to ensure that they are always more protagonists of the digital revolution underway.

The fight against the gender gap is closely linked to the education of children: the dream of training the innovators of tomorrow is shared by numerous companies, including Amazon and IGT, which together with Codemotion give life to training courses and projects dedicated to school students. In this way Codemotion is committed to bringing girls and girls closer to technology, allowing them to evaluate a future in STEM subjects without prejudice.